About Us

Projet Technology

Projet Technology is one of the 1st in Malaysia which provides Mechanical Prototyping Development Centre in Malaysia which provides 2D/3D Mechanical Design, Mechanical Prototyping & High Mix Low Volume Manufacturing Services and Solutions of custom parts to various industries in the market.

With our cutting edge digital equipments & Machines like 3D printing, Laser & Plotter machine, we are able to turn your ideas & designs into reality with Speed, Quality & Accuracy.

Our mission is to be part of the invention and innovation eco-system in South East Asia, by achieving our great vision. “To improve human’s life quality and to achieve higher productivity”.

Our Uniqueness

High Security & Confidentiality

High Security & Confidentiality (2)
  • One contact, handled by one party, end to end
  • Full progress traceability
  • Non Disclosure Agreement

High On Time Rate

High On Time Rate (2)
  • Stable availability throughout peak seasons, 24/7
  • End-to-end journey executed by mostly in-house facility
  • Well defined and manage project management

High Flexibility

High Flexibility (2)
  • Flexibility in pick-up & delivery
  • Early design involvement
  • Short lead time

High Cost Effectiveness

High Cost Effectiveness (2)
  • Comparatively cheaper than traditional and conventional operation method
  • Profession and experience for feasibility
  • Cost efficient Supply Chain Management