Established since 2019 in our Penang home’s R&D (Room & Desk), today we grown to over 10 permanent and freelance engineers & technicians who share the same vision, providing solutions and services to our industries reputable clients and partners.

Projet is an engineers driven company, and we love working with engineers and inventors.

Our Offerings

Projet leverages cutting edge technology, expertise and experience to deliver perfection of our service for our client’s successes.

What we can offer
From just an idea to reliable Mechanical Prototype and Mock up service (made out of Polymer material, Plastics, Metal, Rubber & Foams, Adhesive tapes, Foams and etc.), Research & development, trials to product industrialization.

Who we serve
Mechanical Design Engineers, Students in learning Institution, Tech Hobbyist, Inventors, Architects

Our Uniqueness

High Security & Confidentiality

High Security & Confidentiality (2)
  • One contact, handled by one party, end to end
  • Full progress traceability
  • Non Disclosure Agreement

High On Time Rate

High On Time Rate (2)
  • Stable availability throughout peak seasons, 24/7
  • End-to-end journey executed by mostly in-house facility
  • Well defined and manage project management

High Flexibility

High Flexibility (2)
  • Flexibility in pick-up & delivery
  • Early design involvement

High Cost Effectiveness

High Cost Effectiveness (2)
  • Comparatively cheaper than traditional and conventional operation method
  • Profession and experience for feasibility
  • Cost efficient Supply Chain Management

Our Basic Technologies & Facilities

Laser Cutting

3D Printing

Plotter Cutting

Metrology Laboratory

Extrusion / Press Moulding

CNC Machining

Industries & Sectors We Are Serving

Learning Institution

Electrical & Electronic

Architecture Modelling


Automation & Robotics

Machinery & Equipments

R&D Centre

Consumer Electronics